SMS and email marketing

Delivered directly to your customers’ phones, SMS and email marketing is one of the most powerful ways of reaching those who matter most.

Although they serve a similar purpose, the kinds of messages you send on each of these platforms are a bit different.

For example, emails generally contain more information, include photos or imagery and can be highly personalised depending on the data you have.

On the other hand, SMS messages are short and contain only words. If they’re sales related, they may include a phone number or even a web link to a landing page where further action can be taken.

Used cleverly, both SMS marketing and email marketing can bring big results. And it’s easy to track performance.

SMS marketing

A customer’s mobile phone number is one of the most valuable pieces of data you own.

Statistics show that well over 90% of people who receive a text message open the message in the first few minutes. The message is read practically immediately.

You simply can’t get that kind of cut-through with most other marketing channels.

Some businesses already send SMS to their customers. However, it’s usually to confirm an appointment or some other administrative matter. So why not occasionally send a marketing-related SMS as well?

Done well, your customers will appreciate you reaching out to them. Done really well, your customers will take positive action.

Email marketing

Virtually everyone has an email address these days.

That’s why many businesses are already using email marketing to engage their customers. Unfortunately, however, it’s often not done in the right way.

How would you like it, if every week a business pushed its products down your throat? And they wonder why their open rate is so low!

To ensure people keep opening your emails, you need to offer genuine help, provide interesting stories, have a personality…and showcase your products and services only some of the time.

That way, people won’t ‘switch off’.

I can help you strike the right balance between getting your message out there and keeping customers happy and engaged.

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Questions you might have about SMS and email marketing
What programs do you use to send out emails and SMS?

For email marketing I prefer using Mailchimp because it’s the most universal. But if you want me to use your preferred program, that’s cool. For SMS marketing, Burst SMS has low rates, no fees and no contract which is great for clients. But again, I can use any program or platform of your liking.

How often should I send emails and SMS to my customers?

There’s no perfect answer. I’d recommend starting off with a monthly email (such as a newsletter) and going from there. Once you get the ball rolling with emails, you could then decide to send SMS.

What happens when people respond?

Firstly, that is great! To make your life easier, an email or SMS would generally be written with a specific call-to-action in mind, like booking, calling or completing an action on your website. It’s not so much about having to respond to general enquiries.

How do I know what to send?

It will be planned out in your content marketing strategy. Plus I’m never short on coming up with new ideas!

How much does it cost?

It depends on your needs. Please contact me for a quote.